Training Videos - Motion Graphics


Intel Product Training Videos

We had been making our training videos with all iconography and VO, but decided to make things a little more interesting by pairing the VO, OST, and iconography with Intel Brand imagery.

For these projects, I was tasked with the initial storyboard creation based on nothing but the scripts, available iconography, and brand imagery. Once the storyboards were approved by the client, I then broke apart the storyboards into the individual pieces needed to make a quick turnaround animation, imported the illustrator files into After Effects, and recreated only the pieces that needed a little extra motion pizzaz!

OPtane training videos

The storyboards on these 3 pieces were built by a former coworker because I was busy working away on another video project, and I was also not invited to the shoot for these videos for the same reason.

The table that the talent is standing behind is much shorter than what it looks like in the video, so I had to take a photo of it, match up the pieces and comp them in to make sure I was able to have extra flexibility to move him back and forth on the screen. The background was also extended the same way.

Since the storyboards were never shared with the client, I had some freedom to change things around as needed for the on screen text and graphics.

Culture training

Quango was hired to create a script for and to shoot two videos with the CIO of Intel for the beginning and ending of a culture training video. Intel had already made arrangements with another agency that was putting together the rest of the actual training, to edit these two assets, and we had an idea that it wasn’t going to work out too well for them.

6 months after we had shot the videos, Intel came back to us and let us know that they finally got their video assets and they were complete Garbage! The client brought in his laptop to show us, and thinking “they couldn’t be that bad” I watched with the rest of our team here, and they were…. the worst examples of video editing, music choice, sound sweetening, color correction, OST motion graphics, clip choice, storytelling… everything. It was awful. The client was so embarrassed that he was afraid to show them to the CIO, so they gathered up some extra budget, and in a week I turned these two edits around for them, and they had zero changes.